Control Your Home’s Temperature with Energy-Efficient Heat Pumps

M Thermal Mono A Series heat pump

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Modern Irish homes deserve HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) powered heat pumps to control the climate indoors. A heat pump nails the job by distributing the heat within houses to provide optimal warmth and comfort indoors. At Priority Energy Solutions, we can be your approved installation partner. All our heat pump installations arrive with a manufacturer’s guarantee. Install yours to the highest standards to eliminate heating bills by up to 60% and contribute 50% less to CO2 emissions in the atmosphere!

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP)

ASHP works on the principle of absorbing heat from outdoors to either heat or cool down the indoor space. Install it if you have limited space but demand a high Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP).

Is A Heat Pump a Viable Option for Your Home?

A heat pump installation can bring about energy-efficient upgrades to your dwelling. It further promises the following benefits and proves ideal for every household:

Amps up the Comfort Level in Homes

Insulates the home and maintains the comfort level even during winter by reversing the process to act like an AC unit.


Brings Down Energy Bills

Unlike conventional electric heating, it lowers fuel bills. Save up to 60% on that through energy efficiency.

Grant Name

Air to water heat pump system

The most common heat pump system extracts heat from external air using an outside unit.
Dwelling type and grant Value
Apartment (Any) €4,500
Semi-Detached/End of Terrace/Detached/Mid Terrace €6,500

Eligible for SEAI Home Energy Grants? Apply Today!

Is your home well-insulated? Does it experience low heat loss? Enjoy grants of up to €3,500 towards the installation of heat pumps in your residence and make cost-effective choices!