Heat Recovery

Maintain a Comfortable Climate Indoors Where Freshness Prevails through a Heat Recovery Ventilation System (HRVS)

An Installation Specialist of Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

How do you envision an ideal indoor environment? A living space where clean, filtered, and warm air circulates. The technology that plays a significant role in maintaining this is the Heat Recovery Ventilation System. Under it, a domestic property stays ventilated, smells good, especially in bathrooms and kitchens and proves great for allergy sufferers.


At Priority Energy Solutions, we provide HRVS or MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery) installation services throughout Ireland. Having decades of experience in offering the best bespoke solutions to Irish homes, you can rely on us for a healthy, comfortable, and energy-efficient home. Breathe, live, and enjoy positive vibes all the time. Install the most innovative installation system today!


Primary Types of Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV)

Imagine a system that brings a breath of fresh air into your apartment without allowing the heat to escape. It’s not a miracle but an outcome of an HRV system that seamlessly functions to extricate stale air from moist bathrooms and kitchens and replaces it with fresh and filtered air to make living spaces habitable. This entire process works out without wasting the heat we generate every day.


Priority Energy Solutions installs only the most efficient types of HRVS. All have one common aspect – the inclusion of some sort of heat exchanger. Let’s check them out:

Thermal Wheel Units

This HRV system promises an energy efficiency of 80% and has the largest air recovery efficiency compared to the rest. It may be a bit bulky but offers a fast return on investment.

Plate Heat/Recuperator Technology

This is the second-best HRV system, providing an efficiency of 70%. It can be leveraged on a smaller scale and functions with the help of plastic/metal plates arranged parallelly.

Run-Around Coil Technology

Enjoy a maximum efficiency of 50% with this closed-loop technology. The structure comprises two coils joined by an array of pipes. It operates optimally when the airflows are not close enough.

Heat Pipes

If you’re looking for a heat recovery ventilation system that requires the lowest maintenance, a heat pipe is the best option. A series of horizontal and vertical pipes work together, the former being 25% more efficient.

Our Installation Practices Spelling Sheer Success


Calculate the fresh air flow

We start by measuring the amount of airflow the HRV system will deal with.


Pick the right model

We aim to choose a tested and certified HRVS that consumes little energy.


Locate exhaust points

To recover maximum heat and drive away stale air, we locate the best points in the house.


Explore fresh air supply points

From keeping supply points away from exhaust points to installing incoming vents higher on walls, we do it all.

Acquire SEAI Grants for HRVS in Little Time

Did you know that SEAI grants are available on HRVS too? Seek our help to get funding of up to 50% on expenses involved in upgrades for your non-fuel poor home. A maximum of 95% funding is available for fuel-poor homes. Reach out to us to avail the benefits of SEAI!