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Upgrade Your Home With A Solar Electricity Grant

Want to contribute to a greener environment and offset energy costs in return? Let Priority Energy Solutions make your home more energy-efficient and warmer with solar PV installation. SEAI recommends Irish homeowners to apply for house grants and insulate their residences before installing photovoltaic panels. With a dedicated team of skilled engineers and other experts, we guarantee a professional solar PV installation. Our vast experience of installing solar photovoltaic panels means we can help you receive the grant.

Priority Energy Solutions is committed to helping homeowners lower energy costs and carbon footprint. Contact us for a free quotation!

What Is A Solar Grant?

The SEAI provides a substantial amount of grants for helping homeowners cut down their energy costs and decrease greenhouse emissions. This scheme helps homeowners install PV panels and generate renewable electricity of their own.

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What Energy Upgrade Grants Can You Get?

Under this scheme, some of the grants you can get are:

What’s The Criteria For Home Grants?

For houses built and occupied before:

What’s The Grant Amount?

The grant a homeowner gets depends on the peak output of his/her solar PV system. Peak output is measured in kilowatt-peak or kWp. You can get:

How Does The Process Work?

As a solar company registered with the SEAI, Priority Energy Solutions will:

Avail The SEAI Grant To Incur Energy Savings

Our well-qualified experts will complete the house grant application for you. With our team by your side, be assured of getting a huge return on investment.