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Question about Solar?

Explore the upgrade options and grants provided by SEAI by seeking the help of Priority Energy Solutions. We can advise you on what would work best for you. For now, grow your insights by discovering answers to all your queries under a single roof.


Do heat pumps take up a lot of space?

Of course not. They are designed to stay discreet by allowing the user to keep the heating unit outdoors in the backyard. As for the indoor unit, it is positioned near the hot press.


Is there a grant available for heat pumps?

Let us share the good news by saying a resounding YES to this question. Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) offers €3500 towards its installation in homes built before 2011.


Do Solar Panels cause damage to roofs?

Solar panels are never mounted directly to a roof. They are installed on a rail system and indirectly add to the strength and integrity of rooftops. They also keep rooftops watertight.


How long-lasting are solar panels?

Solar panels always arrive with a product and performance warranty of at least 25 years when purchased from a reputed brand. However, they last longer than the stated period.


Do heat recovery systems save money?

An HRVS is designed exclusively to recover almost 90% of the heat that escapes through outlets like doors, windows, extractor fans and trickle vents. Over time, households can offset the heating expenses and lower energy bills significantly.


How much fund do I need to keep aside for heat recovery ventilation?

It’s hard to tell the cost right away. The expense depends on one’s home size, the extraction and distribution point counts and the air volume rate.

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Great news for all homeowners! SEAI grant amounts have increased from 16th February 2022. Now you can keep your homes warm all the time, reduce energy bills, reduce carbon footprint, and play your part in safeguarding the environment. Apply for Solar PV and Heat Pump SEAI grants today! Make the most of these grants through Priority Energy Solutions.