Terms of Use

Priority Energy Solutions Terms & Conditions

A written contract shall be made between Priority Energy Solutions (herein referred to as “the company, “we”, or “us”) and the homeowner (herein referred to as “you” or “the customer”) proposing to buy from the company. These terms & conditions and the quotation together form our contract with you and are binding to you. Kindly read them very carefully and ensure that you understand them. Also, check that they contain everything that you have agreed to and have nothing that you aren’t prepared to agree to.

When Does The Agreement Start And End?

This agreement starts right from the moment you accept our offer that’s set out in the quote. You can do this by:
However, your purchase of the system would not become final until all the above conditions have been satisfied:
This agreement ends once we have finished installing and commissioning the system unless either party (we or you) ends it earlier following the terms.

Our Right To Cancel

Priority Energy Solutions may cancel the contract or any other contract between us by writing to you at any time where:
When we write to you regarding our decision to cancel the contract between us, we will:


If you have made payment to us, but the contract ends for any of the reasons listed below before we install the systems at your home, we will refund all the money you have paid when the contract ends. These reasons are: